eco Finish: High performance coating

If you want your pool to last, or your pool needs a refinishing coat… ecoFINISH is the best option for you. It gives you a high performance coating with a smooth feel. 



One of the smartest reasons to choose an ecoFINISH coating is because of the pH neutral surface it offers. With traditional coatings, the chemicals that you put in the water have negative effects and require even more chemicals in your pool to try and reduce cracks and peeling in your surface. With ecoFINISH pool coatings, you adjust the chemicals of the water and only the water!  


The ecoFINISH warranty is unique because many traditional warranties require pool owners to keep a perfect pH balance in order to maintain the warranty. 

Our ecoFINISH warranty covers everything and won’t be null because the pH balance doesn’t effect your finishing.

EASily repairable

No matter what finish you decide to go with, damage will occur. When dealing with cement or fiberglass finishes, these repairs can be incredibly difficult to perfect. 

With ecoFINISH, we can easily repair by reheating the surface, repairing the damage, and then apply the same coating which leaves no room for imperfections.

Choice of color

With such a specific process, you might think the color choices are slim but have no fear! The ecoFINISH offers different blends of colors and can accomplish the same look as any fiberglass or cement pool. 

We can do many variations of color to give you the pool of your dreams. 

Energy efficient

ecoFINISH requires significantly less energy resources in order to refinish a pool with this technique. 

There is significantly less chemical exposure to your backyard with ecoFINISH.

It requires less energy resources for upkeep, for repairs and the materials used have an indefinite lifetime. 

ph Neutral surface

ecoFINISH is inert and does not react with the water chemistry so the chemicals added to the water only effect the water and not the wall finishing like it would with a concrete or plaster lining. 

This is a new technology that is the only chemical barrier solution for pools.


Scale build up is very common in traditional pool finishes. The scale can get chemically bonded with cementitious finish and can’t be reversed because of the chemical reaction. t is something pool owners spend lots of money trying to avoid. 

With ecoFINISH, the surface isn’t chemically attractive to scale and there is no chemical reaction so it can be easily removed if there is build up.

chip, flake + chalk resistant

ecoFINISH products are manufactured with polymeric resin that is made to last. It can withstand environmental exposure for many years without any chemical breakdown. 

Vinyl and fiberglass materials are quicker to show signs of degradation while ecoFINSIH pool coatings remain soft, flexible and cohesive.

soft and easy on feet

The surface of ecoFINISH is similar to that of an orange peel. It is not concrete or fiberglass which can be rough on the feet. But it is still tough to withstand elements. 

The smooth, soft finish is always loved by those who choose ecoFINISH. 

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