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Apex Pools is committed to getting you the best product at the absolute best price. We’ll need to sit down and build out exactly what you’re dreaming for your backyard and then get you going with our $0 down project partners.

New ICF Pool Technology

Insulated Concrete Forms 

ICF is short for insulated concrete forms. It simply is 2 pieces of styrofoam held together by extremely hard plastic. We stack them together, tie rebar into layers, and pour concrete between. This creates a level of insulation far more energy efficient than typical pool construction process.

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Our smallest pool option will fit in virtually any backyard space. 



Our customers love this size of pool because of it’s versatility in fitting in their backyard and accommodating friends & family.



Love to have family AND friends over? This is a step in the right direction to fit everyone in the neighborhood.



This is our biggest option we offer. This BFG will let you have anyone and everyone over and still have some room for more. 

Why Choose ICF Pools

ICF not only helps your pool get up to 70% greater energy retention, but it is much quicker and more efficient in the building process. That means money saved and a shorter timeline to enjoy your new pool or spa.

Energy Efficient

Save green and help keep the earth green all in one easy step. ICF will save you up to 70% in energy costs.

Increased Durability

Our pools are built to last and hold up to all the shenanigans the family and life throws at them.

Quicker Build Time

If you could choose between waiting and now, who wouldn't choose now?

More Affordable

ICF doesn't stop at just being a better product. Our pools save you green every month AND green during construction. It really is a no brainer.

Greater Longevity

Having your pool wrapped in concrete and steel means that you can swim confidently for years to come.

Better Performance

By using top of the line products our pools will retain heat better, last longer, and will overall be a better investment for your quality of life than any other you can find.

Build a Better Pool For Your Family

Our goal at APEX Pools is to give you the absolute best product at the absolute best price. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?



SCHEDULE A Free Consultation

SCHEDULE A Free Consultation